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kim harper
kim harper
Kim Harper
Founder / Creative Director / Designer
Art Directors Guild Member
2002 - Current

As a brand specialist, Kim brings over 15 years of experience working with top entertainment properties and Fortune 500 companies helping create multi-disciplined award-winning design projects for Mountain Dew, Disney, Motorola, Mercedes, Discovery Channel, ESPN, and many others. As a Creative Director, Art Director and Designer for over two decades, she has freelanced for, been employed by or had as clients some of the most notable companies in the world. Kim’s professional career includes 12 years as an Art Director at NBC Universal and key positions at several top studios in Los Angeles, Chicago & Washington DC.

A few of our great Freelancers
Vallariia Koronets
Designer | Illustrator

A truly gifted designer and illustrator from Ukraine, Vallariia's creations are truly unusual. She brings a clever twist to her designs that are quite interesting and unexpected.

Hanna Fedarava
Designer | Animator

A very talented designer and illustrator from Europe, Hanna's compelling style is modern minimalist with a flair for the truly unique.

Sabrina Newsome
Designer | Illustrator

Sabrina is a very skilled illustrator designer from the US. Her designs have a whimsical, almost child-like simplicity that are quite compelling.

Isabel Galvan
Designer | Illustrator

A fabulous designer and illustrator from Columbia, Isabel brings a modern twist to her creations. Her specialty is illustrating funny characters with different techniques.

Jason Bloom
Freelance Writer

From the US, Jason has been in creative fields for over 25 years, writing for blogs and websites as well as film and video. He brings a wealth of writing experience and a large knowledge base.

Kimberley Falk
Freelance Writer

Based in Canada, Kimberley has extensive experience in journalism, blogging, scriptwriting, fiction, and web content. She knows how to write copy to keep your audience engaged.

Los Angeles & Europe



Our history

“A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to move to Europe with my family for a unique work experience. It was a chance for an exciting and interesting adventure, both personally and professionally. It was clear globalization was creating an immense uptick in new startups worldwide. A huge growing swath of companies needing creative and strategic direction. Having worked in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and Europe, I was in a unique position to take that multicultural experience and start something new. I didn’t want to start a typical marketing agency. I wanted to try something a bit different. Armed with a new European virtual office, Zoom, Google Meet, and What’s App, I started reaching out to new potential clients worldwide. I quickly discovered a bit of an untapped market, and BID Branding Boutique was born. After four years in Europe, I have since returned to Los Angeles with a new broader perspective on marketing. It’s been a fun experience, and we have been lucky enough to work with some great people from around the world.”




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