AI vs. Human: The Ultimate Showdown (Spoiler Alert: AI’s Gonna Need More Popcorn)”


Written by Bid Branding

September 2, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round the virtual campfire, because today, we’re diving deep into the epic showdown AI vs. Human! Picture it: a fierce battle between algorithms and ingenuity, data crunchers and creative thinkers. And, oh boy, is this going to be an interesting one!



Round 1: AI’s Attempt at Branding

In the left corner, we have AI, our digital contender armed with mountains of data, statistical prowess, and a penchant for acronyms. It’s like the Terminator’s younger, less menacing cousin.

TEST 01: Brand a health oriented nutrition company

Ready set go… AI zips out a result in record speed. And, well, let’s just say it’s not exactly awe-inspiring. AI-generated a trendy company name & tagline: “SoylentSphere – Your Sustainable Nutrition Partner”.  Branding experts and consumers alike scratch their heads, wondering if they’re about to be served some secret ingredient in a futuristic food movie. “SoylentSphere” may sound efficient, but it lacks that special sauce that makes a brand resonate with it’s audience. Effective branding taps into our emotions, creating loyalty and trust. Humans relate to stories, experiences, and shared values. 


AI vs human

Round 2: The Human Branding Touch

In the right corner, we have Good Branding, a team of human creatives armed with vision boards, brainstorming sessions, and an obsession with storytelling. They bring soul and emotion to their branding efforts, like a group of artisanal chefs concocting the perfect dish. After hours of research fueled by an exorbitant number of lattes & diet cokes, the Good Branding team managed to summon pure caffeinated magic: “EcoBites – Nourishing Your Soul”. Now, that’s what we’re talking about! “EcoBites” not only sounds delicious but also makes us feel like we’re contributing to the greater good of the planet one bite at a time. It’s like a warm hug wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Good Branding knows that a brand should be more than just a label; it should be an experience.


The psychology of good marketing

Say what?

Round 3: The ‘Oops, AI Did It Again’ Moment

TEST 02: Brand a seafood company

Back to our AI friend, who, bless its digital heart, just can’t help but take branding a tad too literally:  AI-generated brand: “TechyTuna – Swimming in the Sea of Innovation”  Now, we’re all for innovation, but last time we checked, tuna wasn’t known for its tech-savvy side. It’s like ordering sushi and getting a side of binary code. AI’s overzealous attempts to incorporate buzzwords can sometimes leave us rolling on the floor laughing. Bass-tastic Fish Co, TunaTickle Inc., Fintastic Frolics Fishery ? Shall we go on…


website design

Did you say cake?

Round 4: Good Branding Takes the Cake

TEST 03: Brand a cat centric pet company

Human-generated brand: “CuddlyCats – Pawsitively the Best Pet Haven”
Branding experts and cat lovers everywhere nod in approval. Good Branding understands the importance of personality and relatability. “CuddlyCats” isn’t just a name; it’s an invitation to a world where kittens frolic in endless cuteness. No AI can replicate that warmth and charm. AI’s attempt for our furry friends – ahh yeah: “Cat Stompers. Not a winning combo for sure. 

Absolutely, branding experts and cat lovers are on the same page here. They’re not just nodding in approval; they’re doing the full-fledged cat head bob—slow, deliberate, and with just a hint of judgmental side-eye. Because, let’s be honest, if your brand can’t make you feel warm and fuzzy like a kitty in a sunbeam, what’s the point, right? Good branding knows that personality is everything.

ai vs good branding

The final verdict

The Verdict

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s clear that while AI has its merits, it’s got a long way to go before it can outshine the magic of Good Branding. Brands are not just words and images on a screen; they’re stories, emotions, and experiences that connect with the human heart. While AI can assist in data analysis and trend identification, it relies on existing data and patterns. It lacks the ability to generate truly groundbreaking and unexpected concepts.



So, AI, keep working on your algorithms, and maybe one day you’ll make us laugh with joy instead of confusion. But for now, the human touch in branding remains the reigning champion, leaving AI to enjoy a well-deserved bowl of popcorn and watch the show.


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