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Kim Harper

Creative Director | Marketing Manager at Bid Branding Boutique

So, what is a Digital Strategy

So, what exactly is a digital strategy? Well, it’s a plan or series of actions used to achieve a desired goal in the digital realm. That can translate to many forms.

Maybe it’s generating new leads or conversions for your company’s website. Or maybe it’s creating brand awareness about a new product. Improving your outreach and audience for your SMM or social media market. Perhaps it’s improving your keyword choices and amplifying your Organic Search Engine Optimization aka your SEO. Confusing. Maybe. Ultimately, it’s about reaching potential customers throughout their daily journey. 

The strength of multi-channel marketing lies in the ability for one channel to help support another channel.


Social Media Marketing: SSM
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Google AdWords)
Content Marketing.
Retargeting Ads
Viral Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Most Infuential

Which is the most influential? That depends who you ask. It does seem as if SMM is a key component of any successful multichannel digital marketing­ strategy and arguably the front-runner for many companies. In today’s hyper bombastic world of advertising, businesses have mere seconds to gain the attention of potential customers. Attention spans are short and expectations are high. Video content is king. The company with the most engaging, entertaining and effective content wins. So, what makes content effective and engaging in the digital realm? Personal & relatable stories. Consistency.


And…a bit of luck.

Organic Website Traffic

Now, let’s move onto organic website traffic. A good SEO strategy involves good keywords selections for your website. Don’t have too generic keywords. Be specific. If you are selling flowers and use “nice flowers” as your keywords you are competing with a large pool of companies. You’ll get lost in the shuffle. Plus, your keywords could be a bit confusing. People searching for pretty flower fragrance might end up at your site by accident. Which could lead to high bounce rate. Which is bad. Plus, if you are paying for Google Adwords you will be charged for all those incorrectly directed search queries making your PPC rate unnecessarily higher. Your website’s keyword choices play a huge role in a good digital strategy. Being too generic with the keywords puts your product in a massive pool of other companies and will make it more difficult if not virtually impossible for the right consumers to find you online. Try using additional metrics to see how well your keywords are doing against the competition using programs such as Keyword Hero.

Better Outcome

These are just a few ideas leading to an effective digital campaign. Utilizing a multichannel approach to your digital strategy will ensure a better outcome.

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