Water in a box?

       Spring water in a box seems a little strange.

Water In A box?

At first glance, spring water in a box seems a little strange. But that’s only because we’re use to our single-use plastic bottles. Perhaps we need see-through bottles to check that the water we’re about to consume is clear. But just because cartons are different than the way we’re used to consume spring water, does that mean it’s enough to have a segment disrupter moment?

We had our “Eureka” moment at lunch in Austin, Texas. We were in town for an electric vehicle presentation, parched from the dry Texas heat when our little water cartons arrived. Not only was this an ingenious solution to the aforementioned eco nightmare of plastic bottles, we realized we had been sitting on 7 accessible fresh mountain springs at our family owned South Mountain property in eastern Pennsylvania known as – Galen Hall.


Sanatoriums? Water Cures? Old Medicine Was Weird

South Mountain has a storied history that could make for a rive?ng Hollywood film. In the second half of the 1800’s, the region saw a resort rush. The prevailing belief at the ?me was that fresh mountain air, pure water, exercise, and baths of various kinds could cure a variety of ailments so entrepreneurs rushed to the area to launch their restora?ve retreats.

The water we intend to box and sell, actually pioneered the pricey spring water movement. A famous German doctor, Dr. Charles E. Leisenring, popularized the “Cushion Hill Water Cure”. In 1890, 5 gallons of “Pavilion Spring Water” sold for $2.00, a present day bargain at your local supermarket, but quite the pre7y penny back then.


As the medical benefits of the sanatorium le` favor, these majes?c resorts — architectural achievements in their own right — were largely abandoned and fell into disrepair. Galen Hall Co., formally, The Preston Sunny Side, a popular resort frequented by Fred Astaire, Connie Mack and Mary Pickford, driving in her red Stutz roadster, held on longer than most. But a devasta?ng fire burned it to the ground in 1963. 

The Masano family, acquired the land the following year. In 1974, they sold off the golf course. What remains is 250 acres with these historically-famous cool, pris?ne water springs.

1 drink for your plant, 2 drinks for you


If nothing else, I think we convinced you to rethink drinking tap water. See Flint, MI.

But there are a myriad of benefits for fruit-infused water as well. An?oxidants flush toxins from the body. And if you subs?tute fruit-infused water where you might otherwise drink juice, it’s much lower in sugar and calories.

All this car shopping is making me thirsty

Right now, we’re just giving out big brand water bo7les. Bo7led water goes like hot cakes at our Auto Park and our other dealerships. Something about making major purchases makes people thirsty.

So we’ll test our new water brand, South Mountain Spring Water, by giving it out to our coworkers and clients. For starters that’s 7,500 plas?c bo7les per year not wasted. Pat ourselves on the back. When comparing plas?c bo7les with boxed water, a study found that boxed water has a 36% lower carbon footprint, uses 43% less fossil fuel, and has a 95% lower impact on the ozone.

Then depending on feedback and demand, we’ll scale the preferred varie?es accordingly. Other water brands have to pay for product tes?ng like this. We’ve got a cap?ve, nervously-thirsty audience!


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