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BID is included in LA Weekly’s: Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles

Feb 10th, 2023


We are thankful for being mentioned in LA WEEKLY… #7 !

We are grateful for our amazing clients around the world. What a great start to 2023.  😃 😁 😀


Excerpt from the article:  we are number #7

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles Making an Impact in Their Industries in 2023

Award-winning, internationally recognized entrepreneur Kim Harper, founder, and CEO of the marketing agency Bid Branding Boutique is revolutionizing the brand design space for small to midsize companies. With a marketing career spanning several decades with some of the world’s most renowned agencies & companies, Kim realized that most traditional agencies offered very cookie-cutter-styled services and required exorbitant budgets. Taking her extensive knowledge and expertise from working with a multitude of Fortune 500 firms, she wanted to start a marketing boutique that focused on leveling the playing field creatively for all companies.

With an ever-growing roster of incredibly talented international artists & freelancers, Kim is passionate about building great brands. What drives me is helping people bring their company’s vision to life. Our mission of successful marketing innovation is a superior partnership approach, where consistent consideration of client organizational goals and values is paramount. We are very grateful for our fabulous clients worldwide in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the US. We take great pride in building & maintaining stellar relationships with our clients. With a steadfast commitment to exceeding business goals, we are excited to be growing and helping more companies navigate the marketing journey to finding their creative brand story. 

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