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LEVR Health & Financial aggregates employee benefits by offering insurance products tailored to fit the needs of the US workforce and maximize employee health and retention. Their app organizes and supports health education in four key areas of wellness — Physical, Mental, Financial, and Legal — to guide the individualized health journey of employees and their loved ones through benefits like 24/7 Telehealth, Employee Assistance Programs, and tax and legal consultations.


The client’s goal was to establish a brand that embodies LEVR’s positive and trustworthy reputation while also being entirely creative and unconventional. Specifically, they desired a brand identity that exuded a health and financial theme and instantly captured attention. BID rose to the challenge and developed an energetic, hip, and playful logo and brand identity system that featured active 3D designs and innovative shapes inspired by the logo. The addition of clever animations successfully guides the viewer through the digital marketing journey, enhancing the overall brand experience.

Medical health

Website Animation

  • Landing Page Slider Design & Animation. (can be full screen or boxed)
first page

We're opening doors for accessible health quality — nation-wide. Join us.

Physical health

Physical Health

Access to 24/7 medical professionals, preventive tools and resources to help you live your healthiest life.

Mental Services

Mental Health

Access mental health professionals, support resources, and more, for true support in every aspect of life.

Financial Health

Financial Health

Set yourself up for a successful future with tax guidance, financial planning and more.

legal Health

Legal Health

Expert resources — including legal consultations, identity theft solutions and more — for you and your loved one's peace of mind.


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